The film takes place 7 years before the events of Hükümet Kadın (Stately Woman). The year is 1949. The season: Spring. These are the years of prohibitions and bans. Books, newspapers and words are proscribed by law; the freedom they talk of remains nothing but empty words and ever-unfulfilled promises. The only hope lies in the number of voting booths open and the number of valid votes! Meanwhile, the first female mayor in the South-East, Xate, unaware that her own future mayoral duties await her, is living as the wife of the mayor of Midyat, Aziz Veysel. The town’s incorrigible mayoral candidate, Faruk carries on with his life as the most eligible bachelor. Doing whatever it takes to marry himself to the town hall, Faruk, throughout the film, also goes a long way in his quest to finally be the bridegroom! One morning, Xate, while seeing Aziz Veysel off to his mayoral duties, is confronted with an unpleasant surprise. This surprise will throw Xate up against Faruk once again. Moreover, the guileless, scrupulously honest Xate finds herself on the hustings competing in campaign promises with the wily Faruk, a man capable of lying even to himself when it suits his purposes! Hitting the town’s affairs like a bomb, the “early election” messes up everything and the laughter peaks! “The goal of the Gross National Comedy Hükümet Kadın 2 (Stately Woman 2), is a per capita average of 105 minutes of laughter!

"Taking place 7 years before, this is not a sequel comedy.This is the next step in comedy."

Demet Akbağ
Sermiyan Midyat
Mahir İpek
Gülhan Tekin
Burcu Gönder
Mine Şenhuy Teber
Osman Alkaş
Bülent Çolak
Olgun Toker
Doğukan Polat
Ahmet Sarsılmaz
Bahadır Efe
Levent İdem
Nazmi Kırık
Sarp Aydınoğlu
Mustafa Turan
Mehmet Yaşiru
Ayberk Atilla
Dilek Yorulmaz İybar
İpek Elban
Seher Çuhadar

Guest Actor
Ercan Kesal

Writer and Director
Sermiyan Midyat

Necati Akpınar

Director of Photography
Hayk Kirakosyan

Executive Producer
Zafer Çika

Art Director
Vahit Yazıcı

Cem Yıldız

Çağrı Türkkan

Levent İntepe Ses

Costume Designer
Esra Bayram

Hair and Makeup Designer
Suzan Kardeş

Icon Casting


“Hükümet Kadın 2,
in Theaters November 8”

“This winter, the comedy temperature is going to be well above the seasonal standard.”